Take Care Towing Services offers exclusive discounts for members including 24 hours availability all over Karachi, special discounted rates and quick response time.

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    Member Terms and Conditions

      1. Membership is valid for Karachi only.
      2. Service includes 24 hours towing and lifting.
      3. Discounted towing charges for members is just 1500/= all over DHA and 2500/= for rest of Karachi (except for few restricted areas where extra charges are applied for using services in night hours).
      4. If your car is struck in footpath or crashed between bungalows extra charges will be applied.
      5. If your vehicle is fully destroyed and has lose parts, the company wont be responsible parts lost or broken during towing.
      6. Our staff is trained and we have a very quick response time.
      7. Discounted towing charges of 1500/= & 2500/= are for members only.
      8. One membership card is usable for only one car whose number is registered with us. If you require our services for any other car our regular charges will be applied.